A real nemesis to our Citizen’s Initiative to limit building heights and density in the Transit Villages Area downtown is California State law SB330. This law could override some of the building requirements in the Citizen’s Initiative. In addition, the state has passed two other draconian laws, SB 9 and 10. These two laws destroy local control over our zoning laws and in the process “tank” private property values by allowing for uncontrolled development in residential areas.

However, there is hope on the horizon. There is a citizen’s initiative brewing that would reverse SB 330, SB9 and 10 and prevent Sacramento from dictating local zoning laws. Go to:

and see Our Neighborhood Voices website to find out more about this movement. This is all about preserving local control and single family homes.

Friends of Redlands is considering helping by collecting signatures for the StopSacramento petition drive.