Candidate, anyone?

The November 2022 election in Redlands will be quite an event. Not only is the Citizen’s Initiative to limit density and building heights on the ballot, but three council members are up for reelection. Mayor Barich and Councilwoman Davis both have terms that are up and Councilman Foster’s seat will be vacant.

Here is an opportunity for someone to run for office. Remember, all five members of the city council dismissed the defeat of Measure G despite being outspent by a 9-1 margin. Then the council voted unanimously to delay the vote on the Citizen’s Initiative signed by 7700 voters. This delay will allow city planning, the planning commission and council a year to dilute the requirements of the Initiative and allow developers to get plans approved before November. How can existing council members run on a record of blatantly ignoring the will of the people??? This is a made to order, winning issue for the right candidate to run on.

So, if you know anyone who supports our efforts and is considering running for council send them our way. Friends of Redlands will put some muscle behind the campaign.