A view of proposed State Street village
A view of proposed State Street Village

Downtown Development Update

Did you see the Community News, Friday October 1st, front page headline?

“Planning Commission backs downtown Redlands projects.”

The two projects are Redlands City Center on the site of the old Safety Hall and a Vantage One multifamily project at the corner of Redlands Boulevard and Eureka Street. These projects along with the Village Partners Mall project will put 966 apartments and an estimated 2000 plus people living within a radius of ONE city block. The developers say that the buildings will be 4 stories with 5 story elements and a 6 story parking garage within the Village Partners Mall project.

Remember, the city’s Transit Villages Specific Plan defines a 4 story building as being 65’ tall with an undefined dimension meaning that a 4 story building could be over 75’ tall, making it a high rise structure by California standards. We have asked city planning to give us the absolute dimensional limit for a four, five and six story building. No answer. What are they afraid of?