image of apartments & parking
An apartment complex with parking garage in Riverside, CA. An indicator of what is coming to Redlands.

A Monolith

Pam, one of our supporters, suggested that Friends of Redlands visit an apartment and parking garage development at the corner of Iowa and University in Riverside. Although this is a huge complex it is an indicator of what is coming to Redlands. Worth a look!

Have you seen the new parking garage on Stuart next to the Arrow train station? This garage is three (3) stories and is designed to house 384 cars. It is quite a monolith. The closer one gets to it the more it blocks the view of the mountains. If you think this is big, Village Partners has a six (6) story parking garage with 780 spaces planned for the mall site. During the morning commute the only way to exit this garage will be onto Redlands Blvd and the only direction is to exit going east and then turning left on Orange St., to get on the I-10. And, don’t forget a delay for the Arrow crossing on Orange. Could be exciting!

One more thing. Please do not forget to comment on the Notice of Preparation (NOP) for the Transit Villages Environmental Impact Report. This will be one of the last chances Redlanders will get to voice their opinions. The NOP states that subjects of “Significant Impact” are water resources, views of the mountains, traffic, noise, population density and parking.

Do your part to Save Redlands by emailing comments to Brian Foote – Planning Manager at We only have until September 30th!!!