UPDATE on Initiative

Hello, supporters of the Initiative!

The Friends of Redlands Committee is alive and well. I know we have been quiet since the August 3rd council decision to put off the election on the Managed Growth Initiative until November 2022. We have been reassessing our goals and actions that we will take over the next year. We fully intend to fight on! A part of our mission is to keep you informed as to what the city is doing. Here is the latest on what the city is doing downtown.

At the August 3rd council meeting Councilman Foster said in effect he would encourage an alternate growth initiative, and would work with anyone/group that would initiate it. We know that the U of R is not in favor of our initiative and wants 4 story buildings. What is the definition of a 4 story building?

The city defines it, in their Transit Village Specific Plan, as 65’ PLUS AN UNDEFINED DIMENSION. What does this mean? Remember the Citi Bank Building/Redlands City Offices is 85’ TALL.

Friends of Redlands fully expects the U of R to partner with the opposition and the city to put an initiative on the November 2022 ballot that contradicts the Managed Growth Initiative that we all signed and supported. KEEP IN MIND THAT THE OPPOSITION CAN WORK WITH THE CITY AND PUT AN INITIATIVE ON THE BALLOT WITHOUT GATHERING ANY SIGNATURES. NO SIGNATURES! “0”!

Transit Villages Specific Plan: EIR and NOP UPDATE

The city is preparing the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Transit Villages Specific Plan (TVSP). This EIR is the linchpin to the TVSP. The EIR will determine if the city and developers get their way to allow high rise buildings, increased population density, noise and air pollution, restrictive parking and water and sewer resource management. FOR encourages you to take the time and get involved by SENDING COMMENTS TO Brian Foote, City Planning Manager at bfoote@cityofredlands.org by SEPTEMBER 30TH.  Also SIGN UP FOR THE ZOOM WEBINAR ON SEPTEMBER 15TH AT 4:00 PM. Go to the city website and search Notice of Scoping Meeting and PRE-REGISTER. We cannot emphasize how IMPORTANT THIS IS to the FUTURE OF REDLANDS.

The Notice of Preparation (NOP) for the EIR is available at AK Smiley and at the City Planning Division. We have reviewed the NOP. There are numerous issues that the NOP says will have “SIGNIFICANT IMPACTS” on the future of Redlands.

Check out these pages in the NOP:

    • Page 27: a table of estimated population in the TVA. We think this is an underestimate.
    • Pages 40/41: tall buildings and views of the mountains
    • Pages 50/51: air quality
    • Page 65: emissions
    • Pages 70/71: water resources
    • Pages 84/85: police and fire services
    • Page 90: emergency access

City Council update
You have probably heard by now that Councilman Foster is retiring the first of the year and will not serve out his full term (his term is up November 2022). Who will the council appoint to fill out the term?

The FOR Committee thanks you for your support and concern for the future of Redlands.