The next step for our Growth Management Initiative has been agendized for Tuesday’s in-person City Council Meeting on July 6:  

A. Receive and file the City Clerk’s certification of the Redlanders for Responsible Growth Management’s – “An Initiative Ordinance of The People of Redlands Amending the Principles of Managed Development of the Redlands General Plan;”

B. Consideration of options pursuant to Elections Code Section 9215 of either: (i) adopt the initiative ordinance, without alteration; (ii) submit the initiative ordinance to the voters of the City of Redlands at the November 2022 regular municipal election; (iii) call for a special election for October 12, 2021, and request an additional appropriation of $505,000 for special election costs; or (iv) order reports on the effects of the proposed initiative ordinance to be presented to the City Council at its meeting of August 3, 2021 (City Clerk Donaldson)

We will press the Council to inform our group and the nearly 8,000 people who signed the petition whether our initiative will be on the October 12 Special Election ballot, bumped to the November 2022 general election, or whether they will cut to the chase and save the City $500,000 by adopting the initiative.  The last option would seem to be the logical choice given that the City Council saw Measure G go down in defeat by a whopping  66% to 34% margin.

As such, we are asking that as many of you as possible make a point to attend the meeting.  This is the City Council’s first meeting now open to the public, and given that we are on the agenda it would be a positive image to see a good turnout of supporters.  We have been advised to arrive by 5:30 pm as they expect a full house.  Comments must be submitted before 3:00 pm on Monday!