Village Partners, which currently owns the Redlands Mall, is asking for public input on the future of the mall. The City’s Transit Villages Plan says that State St. would be extended to Eureka and bisected by 4th St. Apartments would be built on the 4 blocks created by street changes. THERE ARE NO HEIGHT LIMITATIONS IN THIS AREA. We are advocating that the mall be refurbished and landscaped, and turned into a new civic center for city offices, meeting halls, and a police station.  By repurposing the mall with Dangermond-styled landscaping (see: Packing House), and exterior/interior remodel, the City would provide expansive space for a varitety of services. Equally as important, this would not eliminate critically needed free public parking. If apartments are built, where would visitors park when coming downtown to shop, eat, attend graduations, and summer Bowl events? Where would local business owners and employees park? People would be forced to park even farther out into neighborhoods in front of homes.  Not only would the parking problem be further compounded, it would also discourage visitors to our downtown, as well as frustrate neighboring home  owners. Let’s refurbish an already existing building. In the hands of professionals, the ugly eyesore can be transformed into an attractive, multi-use structure that would benefit Redlands. It would also keep our civic center downtown.
Village Partners, is hoping to host some Zoom workshops with community members to learn about the community’s desires for the property going forward. This will inform their plans and proposals for redeveloping the site. Please contact them below if you are interested in participating and/or emailing them your thoughts.

If you’d like to participate, please fill out this poll: https://forms.gle/3H3KNP9qCXVPdGRQ6 For questions, contact Kaitlin Morris at kaitlin@villagepartners.com.