Month: January 2021


TIME IS RUNNING OUT AS OUR  DEADLINE IS FEB. 1 Get yourself to the corner of University and Colton and SIGN THE PETITION!!  Happening today from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. Tell your neighbors and friends.   If you’ve already signed, do a drive-by honk-and-wave to support our team! We will also be collecting signatures at …

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Tell Your Friends!!!

The Redlands City Council has refused to accept the defeat of Measure G. The city is moving ahead with their Transit Villages Plan. It would allow high rise apartments and as many as 6000 people living in the downtown Transit Villages Area along the railroad tracks. The only way to STOP the city and prevent …

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We will be picking up any petitions you might have (whether they have two signatures on them or 22 signatures) on Monday, February 1.  You can let us know if you have a folder by emailing or calling John at (909) 496-1539.  Please provide your name and address so that we can get them.  Thank …

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