On social media, a young man accused Friends of Redlands as being “conspiratorial” and that there are “interconnecting webs and dark forces coming for your cars”.  The individual wound up his hyperbolic commentary by asking “why any Friend of Redlands create a law that by design is nearly impossible for future generations to modify or undo? ”  He admonished, “That’s terrible governance.  You shouldn’t force a lifestyle on your kids and grandkids that way. ”  Finally he asserts that “every generation is entitled to shape the world to suit themselves.”

To which Friends of Redlands replies:  Right now there is no opportunity for citizen input to planning for fifteen years. A plan developed by a handful of chosen individuals. The only chance for change is by the initiative which requires a vote of all citizens in a pure democratic exercise.

Just three members of the council have the opportunity to overturn an initiative twice every two years if they can convince 50+ % of voters to agree. They tried it last October with G and got slapped down.  The initiative was adopted to thwart the stranglehold of special interests and their associated corruption of government.   Clearly, some things should indeed be long-term. Do we need a new Constitution every time we elect a new president?

Planning our future should be long-term.  Especially when it comes to the protection of historic downtown Redlands.  Because once that is gone, it is gone forever.  There is no turning back the clock.   If an individual opposes the efforts, they have every right to vote “no” on the Growth Management initiative when it meets the threshold and becomes a ballot measure.

The bigger question we would ask, is:  Why should anyone fear a vote of the people?

P.S. We’ve been accused of a conspiracy, which is defined as acting in secret, a plot. Should any of our critics want to join our “conspiracy” please contact us at 793-9558 to get the secret password and a decoder ring!!