Cutting Budgets Take Sacrifice!

From the Redlands Community News (9/25/20):

Wendy Leung, reporting for the Ventura County Star in April of this year, described how the city manager of Oxnard, Alex Nyguen, voluntarily took a pay cut of $25,000. Nyguen later reportedly stated that while such pay cuts will not “begin to take care of our financial problems,” they are an important step in the right direction.

Mr. Duggan, city manager of Redlands, went white-water rafting the week our library attempted its first reopening. The same library that had its “nonessential services” “trimmed,” (such as its employees).

And while I can appreciate Mr. Duggan’s sympathy for kennel attendants and library staff, I don’t believe for a minute that “every effort to mitigate impacts on residents” has been made. How can this be the case if city executive salaries are still considered sacrosanct six months into this crisis?

Our city manager states that “we all face an exceptionally challenging economic environment as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.”  And this is true.  Except, I suppose, some will find it more challenging than others.

I call on Mr. Duggan to lead the way in helping Redlands live within its means.

Edward Ferrari, Redlands

Upper management in our City offices should not be exempt from cuts, furloughs, reduction in hours, or even position consolidation if possible.   Has the executive level even been touched in these latest rounds of budget cuts???  This is where the highest salaried positions are, as well as those positions with the most expensive benefit packages.  There is no executive privilege when it comes to balancing the budget.  Or at least there shouldn’t be.