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Why every registered voter in Redlands needs to sign the petition:

The Redlands City Council is refusing to accept that city voters, by a 66%-34% margin, rejected Measure G in March. The city is attempting to circumvent voters by getting Measure G-type zoning via the planning process. For that reason, Redlanders for Responsible Growth Management is attempting, via the citizen initiative, to stop unrestricted, unaesthetic, and high-density apartments which would ruin Redlands forever. This petition is our best opportunity to forever preserve Redlands as the “Jewel of the Inland Empire.”

This petition, should it qualify for a future election, would:

· Close loopholes preventing future councils from building unwanted, high-density apartments

· Replaces 4/5 council vote enabling density exceptions with a 5/5 council vote

· Eliminates General Plan exemption allowing for higher density near future Metrolink stations

· Prevents buildings taller than two stories next to single-family homes

· Places a hard limit of three stories and 40 feet on buildings within the Downtown Transit Village

(The city’s Transit Villages plan allows for four-story buildings as high as 78 feet near the three downtown train stations; the Citi Bank building is 85 feet.)

· Significantly increases parking requirements throughout the transit village areas

As a means to avoid future California state lawsuits demanding higher density, this petition does allow for four stories, with a total cap 52 feet, within the Transit Villages near New York, Alabama, and California streets; however, expanded parking requirements might inhibit such heights. These areas are already zoned for commercial and industrial use.

Signature collection guidelines:

Every signature is critical! The latest official California Secretary of State report says Redlands has 42,716 registered voters. To qualify for the next general election, we must have 4,272 valid signatures from Redlands voters. To qualify for a special election (which we would more likely win), we must have 6,408 valid signatures. Our signature collection window closes in early February.

Every incorrectly collected signature hurts our validity rate when these signatures are submitted to the San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters for verification. Please ensure that each signature box:

· Contains signatures only from registered Redlands voters (Ink only! No pencil.)

· Shows the actual voting address of the voter (No PO Boxes!)

· Does not abbreviate Redlands. (Standard abbreviations such as CA, St., Rd., Ave., are permitted).

· That all written information is kept within the signature box.

If any voters wish to volunteer to help gather petitions or to sign a petition, please email:

You can also sign a petition in-person at Red Rooster Vintage (409 Orange Street),  Briggs and Coops Coins (21 E. Redlands Blvd.), E-Water Solutions 429 Texas, and Seed 10 E. State Street.  Click on the links for updated store hours.  Please check-in at the front desk and let them know you would like to sign a petition.  MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES ABOVE SO THAT YOUR SIGNATURE IS  COUNTED!


Voter initiatives can be expensive. Please send all checks to Redlanders for Responsible Growth Management, 421 San Timoteo Canyon Road, Redlands, CA 92373. Donors must include their name, address, and occupation (or state whether they’re retired). Cash donations are not allowed.

-Redlanders for Responsible Growth Management