Redlands Resident Points Out Important Detail in Transit Villages Specific Plan

It’s important to get all the facts out to the public.  Even the smallest detail matters when it comes to the future of Redlands…

Upon reading Jennifer Iyer’s article “Fight Over Building Heights” I have the following comment:

This was a good and unbiased appraisal of the issue, but it fails to mention that the city’s current Transit Villages Specific Plan will allow for 4 story buildings up to 78’ tall in the areas immediately surrounding the 3 downtown transit villages (see page 4:16 of the plan). For a reference compare this 78’ to the Citi Bank building that is 85’ tall. This dimension borders on being classified as a high-rise structure. In fact the National Fire Protection Association defines a high-rise building as being higher than 75’.

With the defeat of Measure G by over 64% of Redlands voters, a 78’ apartment building downtown appears to be a contradiction to what Redlanders want? When will Redland’s planning reflect the will of the voter?

Larry Leonard

Make sure to read Jennifer Iyer’s article linked to above, and you will understand why the details are so important.  The defeat of Measure G informed the powers that be of what the majority of voters want:  limits on building heights and low-density development.  It is an outrage that the will of the people is being ignored, and we are once again having to fight to have already voted-on protections be recognized.  With that, make sure you sign a petition to get the loopholes closed that will forever prevent the City from pushing ahead with their plan that does not adhere to the protections voted in by residents.  You can email for information on how you can help with the petition drive, and how you can sign a petition.  Please include an address/phone number with your email so we can follow up with you.  All information is confidential.