Do Redlanders Need Higher Taxes?

Redlands resident Tamara Madai says, No, we do not!

Governments at all levels seem to need increasingly more money from their citizens. However, the timing of the sales tax increase the Redlands City Council wants is egregious.

The amount of the increase is 1 cent per dollar, raising the sales tax to 8.75% coming at a time when many businesses have been on lockdown. The owners with no or little income still have to pay rent and their employees have been no work at all or on reduced hours.

To make it worse, the new tax will be permanent — forever, almost impossible to rescind.

Please vote no on the sales tax increase.

Redlands residents want to keep their hard-earned monies and are speaking out against the 1% tax increase.  Make sure you join us with your “NO” vote at the ballot box in November!