Month: September 2020

Cutting Budgets Take Sacrifice!

From the Redlands Community News (9/25/20): Wendy Leung, reporting for the Ventura County Star in April of this year, described how the city manager of Oxnard, Alex Nyguen, voluntarily took a pay cut of $25,000. Nyguen later reportedly stated that while such pay cuts will not “begin to take care of our financial problems,” they …

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It’s A Terrible Time For A Tax Hike

From the Redlands Community News (9/25/20): The city of redlands is asking voters to approve Measure T in November. The city’s webpage describes it as “a 1-cent sales tax measure,” and per the city attorney’s impartial analysis, “the 1-cent sales tax would be in addition to the existing state sales tax, and would be collected …

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Do Redlanders Need Higher Taxes?

Redlands resident Tamara Madai says, No, we do not! Governments at all levels seem to need increasingly more money from their citizens. However, the timing of the sales tax increase the Redlands City Council wants is egregious. The amount of the increase is 1 cent per dollar, raising the sales tax to 8.75% coming at …

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