Departure Platform
A train departs the station.

FOR’s Recommendations for Transit Villages EIR

Friends of Redlands sent suggestions to the City regarding the Environmental Impact Report for the proposed “transit villages” around the 3 Redlands stations serving the train to San Bernardino.  Here are our suggestions:

  1. Provide for increased policing and fire protection in proportion to the expected future increase in population due to apartment living, and to increased foot traffic due to the Arrow commuter train stations.
  2. Since the purpose of an EIR is to “be aware of the quality of the human environment,” consideration should be given to the increased population density and possible need for social distancing in planning for any future pandemic.
  3. Account for taxpayer cost to modify the infrastructure to satisfy the need for increased water usage. Can this infrastructure be completed at an acceptable cost?
  4. Account for taxpayer costs due to the impact of increased population on Redlands’ failing sewer treatment plant. Can this infrastructure be completed at an acceptable cost?
  5. The aesthetic of the Downtown Historical District is a significant cultural and identity asset and has a major influence on the uniqueness of downtown Redlands. Any structures built in the Transit Villages Area should enhance this identity and be constructed in proportion to existing structures. A prime example is the old Santa Fe Station.
  6. Ensure that the increased traffic caused by the additional population will not degrade the existing Level of Service (LOS C) and allow for easy access on and off the I-10 Freeway.
  7. Downtown Redlands has always suffered for lack of adequate parking. With the loss of the mall parking where will people park for events like Market Night, the Bicycle Classic and Redlands Bowl events? Assure that there is ample automobile parking due to the increase in population (and cars) in the Transit Villages area.
  8. Provide mitigation for the increased noise due to the increase in traffic and the Arrow commuter train.