Tell me about Friends of Redlands.

We are FOR Redlands! Friends of Redlands are Redlands residents who love our city and its unique charm, atmosphere and heritage. We believe that everyone who chooses to live in Redlands values these qualities of our city. We acknowledge change is part of life, and thus an element of living in Redlands. However, we are not advocates of change just for change’s sake, or to “keep up” with larger cities. We want changes in Redlands to be appropriate for OUR city. This is what motivates us to do what we do.

Our mission:

Friends of Redlands is a non-partisan community group that provides Redlands residents a way to effectively monitor and influence City policies, in order to preserve the unique character and heritage of our city.

Our action plan:

Inform people about Redlands issues and develop positions on those issues.

Communicate our positions to:

  • City council
  • Our email list
  • Social media
  • Newspaper

Influence City Policies by:

  • Staying current on Redlands City Council and Planning Commission plans and actions
  • Being knowledgeable and current on city plans
  • Communicating our positions to council members, city manager, supporters and media